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  2. Jollie kristine Victoria says:

    I just want to ask about palawan tour. If it is available this january21-23 or jan22-24. For 2person. With airfare.

    1. Randy Miasco says:

      Hello Jollie,
      Thanks for inquiring, I am sorry it is not anymore available.

  3. Faith de Guzman says:

    Hi! Do u have 3d/2n HK tour wid airfare n disneylnd tour? Travel date is may 25 onwards. 2 adult n 1 child. Tnx

    1. Randy Miasco says:

      Hellp Faith, thanks for inquiring, can I have your email address?

  4. faith de guzman says:

    here’s my email add:

  5. Lien Princess says:

    Hey, would you give me infos about your palawan tour packages with airfares, maybe around april 2-5.

    1. randy says:

      Hello Lein,
      Thanks for inquiring, can I clarify how many persons? And can I have your email address?

  6. iris says:

    hi! can you please send me details/info on your 3d/2n bohol tour packages without air fare.. for 4 adults and 1 infant, on may 17 – 19. my email add is thanks much..

  7. erlinda says:

    Hi can u give me quotation on 3d 2n or if there’s 2d 1n in coron palawan and boracay for 6 adults and 3 babies (3 yr old, 1yr old and an infant) on may 19. pls email it to thanks. hoping for your quick response.

    1. jbuidon says:

      Hi Erlinda

      I am referring to this website whenever I would like to visit Boracay. , this website contains most of the information regarding different hotels, flights, map. I mean all. A very usefull website

  8. lovely says: u have any promos package tours withe airfare to puerto prinsesa this march 2012..thanks

  9. sarah corpuz says:

    hi do you have any package deals for bohol with airfare and check- in for 3d 2n to Bohol or Boracay this April 2012 for 2adult. Thank You. Here’s my email.

    1. Randy Miasco says:

      Boracay tour rate during month of April is 7,500/pax *subject to availability
      Boracay tour rate during month of April is 8,500/pax *subject to availability

  10. rhiokie says:

    Name: Rhiokie
    Departure Date: April 18 /May 3
    Return Date: April 20 / May 5
    Number of Adult: 10
    Number of Child (Pls Include Age/Birthday) : 0
    Senior Citizen: 0

    Puerto princesa tour package at Dangkaln resort.
    Is the beach in Dangkaln accessible for swimming

    1. Randy Miasco says:

      Dear Rhiokie,

      Thanks for the inquiring, the updated price for you request is Php7,900/person *subject to change, if you want the details, you need to give your email address.

  11. Margarita B. Pontillas says:

    ,,i am interested with your Bohol promo packages 2900 in seacorals beach resort? is it still available? me and my husband has plan to go der dis coming last wik of april? Can you txt me the itenerary of this package? dis is my cp number 09284407778… tnx

  12. rona says:

    hi im rona. do you have palawan package with airfare that includes city tour, underground river and honda bay tour?

  13. Raiza says:

    Hi please quote me a package tour to HongKong for this Dec 23-26, 2012 for 9 Adults and 1 Child which includes the airfare. We do prefer hotels at Kowloon. Thank you.

  14. Raiza says:

    Please quote me also a package tour to Coron, Palawan this May 2012 for 4 people which includes the airfare. Thank you.

  15. darlene says:

    puerto princesa good for 6-8 persons july 1-4 2012. sen dme the quotation please tour packages thanks if with air fare much better…

  16. miq says: you have packges for bohol..wid airfare and tours pls..planning to visit bohol this aug30-sept1, 2adults and 5yo kid..thnks

  17. miq says: you have packges for bohol..wid airfare and tours pls..planning to visit bohol this aug30-sept1, 2adults and 5yo kid..thnks..pls email me details tnx

  18. shaira mae n. alferez says:

    Hi, can u send me the info of ur promo to palawan tour w/ air travel? Is it still available til august 25 or 26 the departing day? Tnx.

  19. kristel says:

    hi . Do u have any package deals for boracay with airfare for 2 person and check in for 3days n 2nights dis coming august 22-24 ?tnx irs my email add

  20. jj says:

    il just wana ask if u have a pangasinan tour package for 2d1n this october?? how much and what is the inclusions. thanks

    1. Randy Miasco says:

      What place? and many are you?

  21. Loida Gentina says:

    Hi ,
    I am looking for a package =return flight manila -boracay + accomodation in a hotel . We are 2 families of 6 people. Total : 12 people.
    If by chance you deal with house rentals, we would prefer to be accomodated in house/penthouse..etc. The dates: 27 december 2012 to 2 january 2013.
    Thank you very much for your reply.

    1. Randy Miasco says:

      Hello Loida, is it ok with you if I will get your email address? so I can email the very detailed info., because here in the website are limited application, and there are some info that I can not download.

  22. dom says:

    ask ko lng kung may hong kong package kayo good for 2 person 3 days siguro tapos my airfare na rin? how much yun kung meron? yung may kasamang disneyland.

  23. ken baliling says:

    hi.ask ko lng po how much package nyo for puerto princesa city tour+honda bay+underground with airfare 5 adults 2 kids ages 5 and 2.preferrably po ung accomodation malapit sa beach email nalng sa


    Hi..pls. send me quotation for 4 persons (including pre-teens ages (13 and 11)- puerto princesa package with city tour+honda bay+underground with airfare, .preferrably po ung accomodation malapit sa beach or with swimming pool. thanks.

  25. Hi there. Could you quote me a price for a Dec 23- Dec 26 2012 HK tour with airfare for two persons pls?

  26. margarita pontillas says:

    ..gud morning, naging client nyo n aq s bohol tour package. my friends would like to go in puerto princesa palawan? do u have any promo package? 3d/2n on 1st week of APRIL, WE ARE 6-8 PERSONS. With airfare…..dis is my email… or just txt me 09399062616……

  27. LJ PENID says:

    hi ask ko lang kung magkno ang 3D 2N palawan packages with rountrip airfare hotel accomodation and underground river, honda bay and city tour?.. target date is dec. 23 to 25 for 2 person thanks.. here’s my email address can u send me a quotation

  28. red says:

    am interested on your bohol tour. 4 adult, 2 children(10 and 12 yrs old). departure date apr 1 return date apr 3. how much wid roundtrip airfare and accomodation. my email add thnks.

  29. Frances Victoria T. Ramos says:

    Hi do you have any package deals for bohol with airfare and check-in for 3d and 2n this march 25-29, 2013 for 4adult. Thank you. Here’s my email.

  30. christian infante says:

    Hi. Please send me a quotaiton Hotel accommodation+airfare for 3 days and 2 nights on March 7-9, 2013. Thanks you. Here’s my email, AND

  31. Charis pinuela says:

    Can u please qoute a 3d/2n tour to bohol with airfare for 2adults & 1 child(2 years old)

    1. Randy Miasco says:

      Can I have the date of travel?

  32. Hanifah delacruz says:

    Hi do you have travel package with airfare for puerto princesa for two on september 3.. 2 nights and 3 days long..we prefer front beach accomodation. Hope you can give me in details info. Thank you.

  33. John says:

    Hi do you have travel package with airfare for puerto princesa for 4 2 Adults and 2 kids on Aug 9.. 2 nights and 3 days long..we prefer front beach accomodation. Hope you can give me in details info. Thank you.

  34. leonardo buenavides says:

    Hi i would like to ask for a boracay package tour for 2 with airfare from April 18–20, 2013.

  35. Franz Macapagal says:

    Hi.. May i ask for the latest vacation packages for coron palawan that comes with airfare? We are a threesome and plan to travel on the last week of May.. Thank you!

    1. Randy Miasco says:

      Can i have your email address?

  36. Kate says:

    Hi! How much for coron tour for 2 pax, 4d 3n? Itinerary pls.. Here is my email..

  37. Joyce Manije says:

    Hi, Kindly send a Boracay Package with airfare for two to my email address: For 4D and 3N, prefer dates would be Aug. 18-21. Thanks

  38. Hello! I would just like to inquire about any available packages for Coron or El Nido palawan anytime within May 14 to May 30? Preferably 4 days 3 nights but i would also like to inquire about the prices for a 3days 2 nights stay. Includes Airfare 🙂

  39. Marianne says:

    I am planning to book a family tour in Palawan/Boracay on Jun 9 to 11, 2013. We will be 5 adults, 1 senior and 1 child. Will you be able to provide me an estimate of how much this will be? Thank you.

  40. Cheryl Paguio says:

    Good day! Would like to inquire how much would be your price for a tour package all in with round trip air fare and ferry transfer and accomodation Cebu/Bohol 4days and 3 nights for 6adults and 1 kid age 4years old thanks!

  41. Sarah manzano says:

    Hi how much ung coron package with airfare for 2? Wht are the inclusion? And we want to stay at princess of coron.. For oct 12-14 thanks

  42. april alforque says:

    Do u have 3d/2n HK package with airfare hk tour and disney land for 3 adults and 1 infant date is dec.23-26 this yr..

  43. mike mana says:

    Hi do you have a land arrangement package for bohol inclusive of 4d3n hotel accomodation with country side and panglao island tour for 2 pax only? Probably april or may.

    thank you.

  44. yasha says:

    Hey, would you give me infos about your boracay tour packages with airfares, maybe around may 21-23. for 4 persons

    1. yasha says:

      thanks1 this is my email

  45. victoria Calabig says:

    Hello can i inquire if theres any Cheapest available ALL IN tour package with airfare in PALAWAN Puerto Princesa? maybe the travel period is May 16-19? for 4 persons and 4days and 3nights? how about 3days and 2nights? Thanks can i have the inclusions and itinerary of those packages? Hope you reply as SOON as Possible thanks 🙂 this is my email

  46. Jenny Del Rosario says:

    Hi! Is there available Coron Palawan package good for 9 people on May 3 onwards? Inclusive of airfares from Manila to Basuanga and accomodations? Budget is atleast 7500php/head. Please reply yo my email thank you. More power!

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